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What Is the Process for Business Litigation?

Burgoyne Law Offices Aug. 11, 2020

If you need to file a lawsuit for your business, then you most likely want to know how long the process will take. The best way to understand this is to look at the timeline and the different actions you must go through in a lawsuit from start to finish.

According to the State of Mississippi Judiciary, your case begins with filing the complaint with the court. Once you file, the clerk will issue a summons to the other party to alert him or her to the action. This can take up to 90 days.

Replying to The Summons

The other party will then have the opportunity to answer the summons. Typically, the other party will alert you that it wants to object to your claims.

Preparing the Case

After the initial reply, you will work on gathering information for your case. This can take some time to do, but there is usually a time limit imposed by the court because after the other party files its answer, the court will set a hearing date.

Working Outside of Court

You and the other party may meet to attempt medication or some other form of alternative dispute resolution. During these meetings, you can negotiate and try to reach a resolution in the matter. If you do, then you will not have to go through a court hearing.

Going to Court

However, if you cannot come to an agreement, you will then go before the judge and plead your case. The judge will listen to all evidence and testimony from both of you. He or she will then render a verdict.