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Purposeful Response when Things Don’t Go Right in The Business Realm

Burgoyne Law Offices Oct. 10, 2019

An upside, glass-half-full portrayal of the American business universe might logically paint a picture of recurrent win-win scenarios for all parties. No individual or commercial entity on either side of the contracting fence is disadvantaged, and everybody emerges from a relationship or transaction fully benefitted by the exchange.

That’s a nice narrative, certainly, but it’s clearly science fiction, right?

After all, the business sphere is ultra-competitive, with rivals on every proverbial (and actual) corner seeking to exploit others’ weaknesses and dominate their select market.

We implicitly note that at the established Burgoyne Law Offices in Olive Branch. We stress on our website that virtually every business across northwest Mississippi, southwest Tennessee and elsewhere will eventually “run into a legal dispute with one party or another.”

How a company principal or management team responds to that is obviously critically important. Some commercial head-butting – resulting from contractual glitches, failed expectations or myriad other causes – can be settled either amicably and informally or pursuant to negotiations that manage to avoid heightened adversarialism.

That is not always the case, though. Sometimes a dispute is sufficiently complex and protracted to require a court’s direct oversight and rulings. When recourse to litigation becomes an imperative, it is key for a participant to be timely and closely allied with a proven and aggressive business law legal team.

That means one that we note on our website is “connected to your case, beginning to end.” Moreover, it demands on-point and practiced input from legal counsel that is always focused on a client’s best interests and optimal case outcome.

Commercial disputes are an inevitable cost of doing business. A client’s close alliance with a seasoned attorney can help ensure that they are resolved in best-case fashion.