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Preventing Disputes with Your Supplier

Burgoyne Law Offices Feb. 2, 2022

As a store owner, it is highly likely that you rely on other businesses to provide you with certain goods and services. This is vital to ensuring that you have adequate stock levels to meet the needs of your consumers.

As with any business transaction, contracts will be at the heart of your dealings with suppliers. Often, such agreements are mutually beneficial, and long-term business relationships can prosper. Unfortunately, there are times when disputes can arise, to the detriment of your company. So, how can you avoid contractual disputes with suppliers and ensure that the profitability of your business remains optimal?

Ensure that There Is a Mutual Benefit

Contracts that are unfair tend to fall down at the first hurdle. Before you enter into an agreement, hold open and constructive discussions to ensure that there is a mutual benefit element to any arrangements.

Consider the quality of goods on offer, price points, how much of a certain product that you need and for how long you require the supply. If both purchaser and supplier are on the same page, a long-standing business relationship can be formed which means all parties reap the rewards.

Implement Methods for Dispute Resolution

Even the most cordial business relationships can have ups and downs. It is important to factor this in when negotiating an agreement with your supplier. A minor dispute does not necessarily mean that the entire operation comes to a halt.

By having written instructions about what happens if payments are late or how to resolve disagreements, all parties can be protected and disruptions to business can be kept to a minimum.

Dealing with suppliers can pose unique challenges but it is possible for all parties to benefit when a sound contract has been drafted. If you are caught up in a contractual dispute, remember that you have legal rights as a business owner in Mississippi.