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3 Common Pitfalls During Contract Negotiations

Burgoyne Law Offices Nov. 5, 2021

Contracts are a part of daily life for individuals across the country. Sound contracts can be engaged numerous times a day, and the fact that people might not notice this at times is a sign that an agreement is working well.

However, a contract that is not functioning as desired will be noticeable, particularly in a business environment. An unfavorable contract has the potential to be as detrimental to your business as poorly trained employees or malfunctioning equipment. As a result, it can help to examine some areas where legal agreements can go wrong. Outlined below are three common pitfalls to look out for during contract negotiations:

Not knowing anything about the other party

Partaking in due diligence before entering a legal agreement can be pivotal. Frequently, business owners engage in binding agreements before doing enough homework on their new partner. What’s their reputation for honesty, transparency and follow-through in the industry? Knowing these can help you decide if someone is a good risk.

Signing Something You Don’t Fully Understand

Often, individuals are anxious to get business deals in motion, but the terms of a contract are typically fairly complex. Signing something too fast or signing anything you don’t understand can lead to major complications down the road.

Under-Valuing Dispute Resolution Methods

Even the most efficient business arrangements can stumble upon issues occasionally. In such a scenario, it may be helpful to have clear terms written into the contract that describe how disputes should be resolved. This could prevent the ending of a valuable business partnership as well as lengthy court disputes.

Recognizing some of the common pitfalls in contract negotiations could protect your business interests. As a business owner in Mississippi, you have legal rights.