Child-Related Legal Matters Require A Personal Approach

When clients turn to our law firm, Burgoyne Law Offices, for help with child-related legal matters, we take a personal approach. We understand the value of strong parent-child relationships, regardless of the parents' relationship status. If you face a legal challenge involving your children, such as a child custody or child support issue, why not choose a legal ally who will take the time to understand your family's unique dynamics?

Help For Every Child-Related Legal Issue

When children are involved in a legal matter, whether as the result of a divorce or the end of a relationship, both parents want the best for the children. Fortunately, the best interests of the children are also the goal of the family law courts in both Mississippi and Tennessee.

Our attorney, Garry M. Burgoyne, understand the factors both states' courts consider when making decisions on child-related matters, and he will take the time to explain these considerations to you as you work through the legal process. Additionally, he will explain the legal terms you will encounter as your case proceeds, such as:

In addition to custody and paternity, determinations about child support and visitation will have to be made. A child visitation schedule can be negotiated by the parents and sent to the court for approval. However, child support is determined by standards set in each state. In Mississippi, child support is based on a set percentage, while in Tennessee, income shares worksheets determine the amount a non-custodial parent will pay.

Would You Like More Information?

If you would like more information about any of the child-related matters listed above or if you have other legal questions or concerns related to your children, you can turn to our Olive Branch law firm for assistance. By taking advantage of our offer for a free initial consultation on Personal Injury cases with our lawyer by calling 877-308-6504 or emailing us, you can gain peace of mind from having the information you need to make good decisions for yourself and your family.